Ensuring that you get the right information at the right time, to make the right decision today, for tomorrow...


At INVESTicity our goal is to provide our clients with the right information at the right time, so that they can take action today, for tomorrow. We also ensure that they remain an investor and not a landlord.


With over 25 years combined experience in all forms of property investment, we help our clients to establish solid, secure property investments that can provide long-term capital growth and double figure net annual returns. We also offer our investors opportunities for short-term and medium-term returns on capital through conversion projects, refurbishment projects and bridging finance.

We like to keep things simple, and truly believe that simplicity and transparency are critical to providing not only great investment returns, but to providing exceptional service and management of your property investments.

My investments have always been important to me, and with the team at INVESTicity I know that they are secure. If I have any questions, the team are always on hand to answer them, and they regularly update me on how things are performing as well as present me with new opportunities to invest.
— Tim M. Lagadere Sports


We understand property, we understand professional sports and the corporate world, and we're passionate about providing a fully transparent solution.

  • Tailored investment options based upon objectives, timescales and desires
  • Over 25 years combined experience in property investment, development, management and maintenance
  • Consultancy through to 100% fully managed service so that you can remain an investor, and not a landlord
  • We will only ever bring you investment opportunities that we would invest in ourselves
  • We’re active property investors and show all of our clients our own investment portfolio and projects. We believe in 100% transparency
  • We know the challenges that you can face today and in retirement


We provide three different investment strategies to maximise your return on investment. All of our strategies are carefully selected to match with your goals and timescales. We have personally been investing in property since 2004 and we know how to deal with market fluctuations, meaning no unnecessary risks are taken and our strategies are always aligned to market conditions. Whichever strategy you choose, we will always provide you with complete transparency and regular communication.


Fixed Return Income & Growth Loans

This investment strategy will give you a guaranteed return on your capital with a minimum commitment of 12 months and options up to 36 months. Designed to make your money work harder for you, this is our most common and flexible strategy for our investors. With returns of up to 13% per annum this is a great option if you want to see quick results without a long term commitment. Get in touch with us today to find out how this strategy could work for you.


Portfolio Building 

This strategy is for those investors that would like to build their own portfolio of investment properties but simply don't have the time or are perhaps are looking for some support in getting their portfolio started. The time frame for this strategy is usually between 3 and 5 years depending on the level of capital available, and your return on investment will be a combination of capital growth and rental yield. You can select the level of involvement you have in the decision making process, but we will take away any of the hassle meaning you always remain an investor and not a landlord. We have a team of hand picked professionals that deal with sourcing, legals, funding, refurbishments and ongoing management. At INVESTicity we can build you a substantial portfolio using only an initial deposit and recycling that initial investment to buy multiple properties - you can find out how this strategy worked for us by reading Part 1 of our eBook - then don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out how this strategy could work for you.


Purchase to Sell

Our Purchase to Sell strategy focuses on buying a property below market value, or where significant value can be added by the way of refurbishment, conversion or even title splitting. The project will always have a pre-determined exit usually within two years or less. This strategy is often more cash intensive but will generally result in a larger chunk of profit that can help fuel the growth of your longer term strategies. It is very popular with our high net-worth investors, business angels and company directors looking for great cash returns. If you’re looking for excitement and the potential for a sizeable end profit then our Purchase to Sell strategy is a great choice. 


Why not take a look at a selection of projects we have undertaken for clients or that we have completed for our own personal investments. You can also find out more about each investment strategy by downloading our Client & Investor pack from the Resource Centre.

INVESTicity has provided me with an opportunity to access the property investment market without any of the hassle of purchasing a property directly. I’m always looking for short term returns on my capital, and with the transparency that INVESTicity provides, I know that I am making the right choice.
— James Davidson, Active Investor

All INVESTicity investors and prospective investors should first read our investor statement and download a version of the self-certification form that represents their personal situation.