INVESTicity Investment Options

At INVESTicity we provide our investors with flexible property investment options. Whether you're looking to build your own portfolio but don't know where to start or simply don't have the time, or if you have capital earning next to no interest in the bank and you want to maximise the earning potential on that capital, then we have a solution for you. As an INVESTicity investor, you can choose to what extent you want to be involved in each project, how often you would like to receive updates on project progression, when and how you want to receive your income statements, ultimately, the choice is yours. 

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This strategy is for those investors that would like to build their own portfolio of investment properties but simply don't have the time or are perhaps are looking for some support in getting their portfolio started. The time frame for this strategy is usually between 3 and 5 years depending on the level of capital available, and your return on investment will be a combination of capital growth and rental yield. You can select the level of involvement you have in the decision making process, but we will take away any of the hassle meaning you always remain an investor and not a landlord. We have a team of hand picked professionals that deal with sourcing, legals, funding, refurbishments and ongoing management. At INVESTicity we can build you a substantial portfolio using only an initial deposit and recycling that initial investment to buy multiple properties - you can find out how this strategy worked for us by reading Part 1 of our eBook.

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This investment strategy will give you a guaranteed return on your capital with a minimum commitment of 12 months and options up to 36 months. Designed to make your money work harder for you, this is our most common and flexible strategy for our investors. With returns of up to 10% per annum this is a great option if you want to see quick results without a long term commitment.

Interest is paid back to the investor annually with the Fixed Return Loan, and the capital is repaid at the end of the term. 

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Our Growth Loan investment strategy is designed for investors that are comfortable with a medium term investment of their capital, but still want the simplicity of a completely hands off approach. The Growth Loan will give you a guaranteed return on your capital with a minimum commitment of 24 months, and a capital bonus of up to 5% paid at the end of the term.  

With net returns of up to 13% per annum this is a great option if you want to see compound growth of your investment over a relatively short period of time. We find that this strategy is a great stepping stone for investors that are seeking involvement in bigger projects in the longer term.


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Our Purchase to Sell strategy focuses on buying a property below market value, or where significant value can be added by the way of refurbishment, conversion or even title splitting. The project will always have a pre-determined exit usually within two years or less. This strategy is often more cash intensive but will generally result in a larger chunk of profit that can help fuel the growth of your longer term strategies. It is very popular with our high net-worth investors, business angels and company directors looking for great cash returns. If you’re looking for excitement and the potential for a sizeable end profit then our Purchase to Sell strategy is a great choice. 

If you're ready to get started then contact us today and we'll book an initial conversation over the phone, followed by a face to face meeting to explore your goals and timelines in more detail. 

All INVESTicity investors and prospective investors should first read our investor statement and download a version of the self-certification form that represents their personal situation.